avshap: (necron_pic)
avshap ([personal profile] avshap) wrote2013-12-06 01:03 pm

Лучший подарок нашим голодающим пейсателям и прочим борцунам за цопирюхт

Предлагаю подарить им Renault Zoe:
When you buy a Renault Zoe, the battery isn't included. Instead, you sign a rental contract for the battery with the car maker. In a Zoe owner's forum, user Franko30 reports that the contract contains a clause giving Renault the right to prevent your battery from charging at the end of the rental period. According to an article in Der Spiegel, the company may also do this when you fall behind on paying the rent for the battery.

А за попытку обойти DRM — карать по всей строгости американского закона.

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