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Алиэкспресс предлагает механические клавиатуры с «чувством абзаца» (sense of the paragraph):

P.S. Некоторые даже любят это к Вишнёвому лету!
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Девиз программистов встраиваемого ПО: «Therac, Therac и в продакшн»
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Разве ты не видишь, что твоему товарищу на голову капает расплавленное олово?!
When I got to know the Japanese officers better, I found out that part of my problem was that our interpreter instructors had been taught by elderly Japanese-American ladies who spoke only old fashioned, honorific Japanese. Instead of barking orders in proper quarterdeck style I'd been most respectfully and politely requesting. The puzzled Japanese must have thought we were a boarding party from Gilbert & Sullivan's H.M.S. Pinafore under orders from Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B.

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Лучший отзыв на удофильский кабель за 7 килобаксов (Тогда, сейчас просят 13. Инфляция, однако):
We live underground. We speak with our hands. We wear the earplugs all our lives.

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P.S. Недавнему скандалу посвящается.
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add Lev Sharansky to Magnitsky list if he will support rename Vesti-Kpss newspaper

«Максим поставил свой ноут напpотив палантиpа и заpядил коллекцией классической австpийской поpнухи сеpедины 80-х. Сауpону пpедстояло тяжелое испытание»
(ц)Пулемётчики Минас-Тирита
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Из срача каментов на Arstechnica:

wjousts wrote:

With all these law enforcement trolling to catch pedophiles, I wonder if they ever accidentally end up talking to each other! I could imagine a situation where two separate police departments come crashing into a McDonalds parking lot only to find the pedo they thought they were going to catch was just another cop.

This happened in a similiar situation in my hometown. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon. The Eugene and neighboring town of Springfield police departments never cooperated on anything. As a result, during a prostitution bust one day, it turned out that the John was a SPD officer and the prostitute was a EPD officer. The local papers made hay over this for quite some time, but unfortunatly I do not think communication improved any despite the embarassment.

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Хароший у вас план, таварыщ Жюков(ц)

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