avshap: (necron_pic)
avshap ([personal profile] avshap) wrote2017-05-29 08:42 pm

Не дай бог так оголодать(ц)

I was happy a few weeks ago when I found "Chip n Dip" 30 minutes walk from me in Moscow. I wandered in a couple of Saturday's back, went to the counter, asked for 10x SN74HC595N and 80x 1k ohm 0.25W resistors, and wandered out with them a few minutes later, despite the language barrier (which is never as bad as you expect). Yes! That's what we're talking about!
My goodness they had some high end test gear in there too. And mini lathes and mini CNC mills and 3D printers. And Arduinos and Pis and clones thereof. Or bare MCU chips if you wanted. And goodness knows what else.


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